Media House

Get an application for your media-house which is fully functional in all aspects.

Our expert developers are very much proficient in delivering apps for any media house which wants to take its business to another level with an incredible variety of features.

Supports Advertisements

Get Adsense and banner advertisement features, earn a great amount of money through huge followers and traffic on your website.

Live Streaming

Doing live streaming is also possible for any person who wants to upload a live session of any event.

Records of Previous Streams

We provide a module of all previously recorded streams for the users which helps them to keep an eye on their all records.

Looking at a Wider Spectrum

Restriction on Adult Content

For people below the age of 18, Adult Content is strictly prohibited on all our apps made for Media House.

Modules for Reporters

For any particular website of news channels, we provide a module where the viewers can also become reporters by uploading videos or live streaming of an ongoing incident using the app.

Subscription Free & Auto Deduction

Free subscription feature is provided and in premium cases, money gets automatically deducted after each interval.

Preference using Demographic Locations

Users get to see programs as per their respective locations. It helps them to get their preferences of shows and news.

Suggestions based on User Behaviour

On the basis of what user searches and his behavior history, we provide suggestions as per their tastes and preferences.

Targeting Huge Pool of Viewers using Mobile Apps

As an extensive number of users are there who use mobile apps, so targeting them through an app becomes easy for any media-house.

Our Key Benefits

We use latest technologies to create your projects

  • Scalability

    Take your business to a pinnacle with an amazing app that serves your business niche.

  • Credibility

    Trust is something we get from our clients during/after delivering the bespoke projects.

  • Security

    We keep your app totally secured using the latest technologies that are solely meant to keep your apps secured.

  • Team of Experts

    Team of Experts

  • Availability

    In the event of any ambiguity or any query, we are all-time available for our customers.

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