Manufacturing and Retail

Get a website for your domain and take your business to a newer level that was never attained before.

We develop websites that are exceptionally designed to integrate all domain related features and serve at its best to the business clients.

P.O. and Invoice Management

Get all information pertaining to the purchase order and manage invoice with great effortlessness.

Separate Log-in for Bulk and Retail Customers

Give a separate user-id and log-in feature to all your retail customers and wholesale customers.

Industry Specific Logics

Concerning the industry specification, different modules can be added suiting its needs.

Looking at a Wider Spectrum

Slow Moving Product Filter

Set apart the slow- moving products present in the warehouse using this filter.

Container and Stock Management

Administer all the warehouse related tasks and procure the stocks using the managing tool.

Product Attribute Management

The manufacturing customers do need to configure the products to their specific requirements. Thus, we fulfil their need.

Deals of Combo and Related Product for Up-sale

Create the deals and design the combos to tempt the possible customers and sell them at a higher price.

Delegation of Responsibilities

Transfer the responsibility to other admins by granting them access to the site for managing it.

Customer Segmentation

Divide your customers into three categories i.e the special ones, the ones who visit occasionally, and the ones who come for no purpose and prioritize it.

Our Key Benefits

We use latest technologies to create your projects

  • Seamless Channels

    Get restraint-less channels to keep the smooth communication going.

  • Multi-Admins

    The feature of having multi-admins gives you the flexibility manages your website by the trusted hands.

  • Adaptability

    You ask us to make a change and our website will adapt to it.

  • Cheaper

    Because we believe in doing plausible things and charging reasonable.

  • Alluring Interface

    Get a persuading website/app that is specifically made considering your business domain.

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