Get your website done by Mrmmbs Vision and take your logistic business to a lofty level which is never seen or experienced before.

We offer solutions for managing heavy and oversized cargo. Professionalism is not only an obligation but an in-built trait in the complete team sitting behind the name of Mrmmbs Vision. 

Smart Fare Calculator

We provide a module for visitors to calculate what exactly they have to pay for moving their goods based on start location, destination, weight, etc.

Track and Trace Delivery

Shipment monitoring technology serves as a tracking device that allows manufacturers to track shipments in previously impossible ways.

API Creation for Third-Party Uses

Providing APIs for your vendors so that they can manage their shipping and other details using that API.

Looking at a Wider Spectrum

Defining Size of Parcel

Customers can define the goods to be transported. For example, from being foldable to defining in terms of its weight or entities.

Auto Management of Increased Demand

In the event of increased demand, it automatically manages everything with the use of latest technological versions.

Regular Log Record of Driver

Through an app, this module helps drivers to get information about the next delivery.

Automatic Job Allocation to Nearest Driver

Allocate tasks or jobs automatically to the driver who is nearest to the destination.

Planning Optimal Route for Delivery

It also designs a well-suited route for delivery that is smooth plus time-saving.

In-App Chat for Ease of Communication

An in-app chat facility has been provided to keep the seamless conversation going and be away from all barriers.

Our Key Benefits

We use latest technologies to create your projects

  • Rewarding

    Get a website that gives fruitful and lucrative results.

  • Highly Secured

    All streamlined processes are tightly secured to ensure its smooth functioning.

  • Amendable

    Get any change on the website as per your demand. It is all amendable.

  • Trained People

    Our trained people are the backbone of our company. So is for your website.

  • Just a Call Away

    Call right away in the event of any problem and get it solved.

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