Legal Consultation

What Is Legal Notice?

Law is a necessary evil. It is the most potent tool which ensures that we are able to do business in legitimate manner without worrying about someone playing dirty with us. If we feel someone has done anything against the principle of business or law with you, you can get your legitimate rights through court of Law. A legal notice is the first step in this regard. Legal Notice is an official communication to person/s or entity informing them that you or your company intends to undertake legal proceedings against them for any wrongdoing they have done wilfully or unintentionally. Legal Notice is proceeded before filing an actual court case. It can be construed as a type of warning. Sending a Legal Issue is a must to initiate court proceeding as the opposite party is given a fair chance to either defend their position or correct their wrongdoing. In fact, in majority of cases there is an out of court settlement after sending legal notice. Some of the most reasons for sending legal notice is non-payment of vendor dues, non-payment of salary etc. Also, any delay in sending legal notice weakens your chances in court. Ca4you-legal undertakes the job of sending the legal notice through our professionals which ensures that you have sent a carefully drafted legal notice. Ca4you-legal also gives you a second opinion on the already drafted legal notice to ensure that wordings are correct. 2nd Opinion on Legal Notice starts at Rs 999/- at ca4you-legal.

Documents Required For Legal Notice?

  • All material related to case
  • All mails exchange related
  • Information asked by ca4you in required format
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