Top 11 Changes in I.T. Industry to Come During or After Covid-19

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My father told me that he never saw anything like Corona Virus or lockdown in his whole life. This Pandemic came as a surprise for everyone. None of us imagined this type of lockdown where we would not be allowed to go outside due to our safety. The world has done a lot for the freedom, human rights and wellness of all living species. Battles were fought and wars were won to earn the right to go around anywhere at anytime but Corona Virus taught us that we are not the ones controlling the world. With over 2.4 million confirmed cases around the world, millions suspected, millions unnoticed & untested; we learnt that although we are smart but we are not the ones controlling the world all the time.

With Economies getting closed, most of the business houses are concerned about their survival. I wont say only small business houses have the challenge and the big ones are safe as the challenge is for everyone. I can say this because I know ‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities’ so if a business house is big then that business house is having equally big responsibility to handle.

I was once told that those who can change themselves with the time & according to nature; survive. I see this getting applicable on all the business houses now. Social distancing is not something which is going to over with this lockdown. We know that our heart and mind will not be as free as it was before the Pandemic. Those who have lost their loved once would know the pain. Social Distancing is going to be there for long now.

So it takes us to the point where we can conclude that Digital Platforms to do business are no longer going to be luxury which a business house gives to its customers but it’s going to be a necessity which business houses need to provide to their audience. Here we look at some of the top changes which we can expect in the industries:

1. Change in Mindset – No doubt E-commerce is increasing day by day but there have also been advocates against it. Those who use to claim the E-commerce is spoiling business of small shop owners. But even those advocates will have to consider E-commerce as the safest mode of trade now. And even if they don’t change their minds, the arguments would not be able to change the mindset of end customers. They have started opting E-commerce for all their needs.

2. Social Media – I have heard business houses saying that social media doesn’t work for their industry. Well, they need to understand that Social Media once never worked for any industry. So, the question ‘if social media would work for my business?’ will be replaced by ‘How Social Media would work for my business?’ as everyone would be sure about this that social media is going to make a big difference. So, the business houses not concentrating on their social media presence would have to get their hands in it now irrespective of what they have been doing till now or what industry they are.

3. Known Brands will Shine – All those brands who have marketed themselves well over the years will get paid now for their efforts. Those who spent in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Promotions and Branding regularly and took this as an investment instead of a cost knows that their investment is matured now.

4. New Website/App Ideas will Come Up – This is something interesting. Sit with someone elder in the house and ask if they ever imagined that Amazon would be this great success? What were their thoughts around online learning? Getting Doctors consultancy online? These ideas were produced by some very good brains. And again, we are in time of need of such incredible ideas. Those business houses who think that their business will not run on online model or there is nothing for their business in digital marketing need to think again. Those business houses will have to change themselves and accept the digital world and with this new ideas would also come up in the industry. Those accepting these ideas will get first mover advantage. Remember there is no second amazon, uber, zomato, udemy etc. These were all the first movers.

5. DIY and 3D View will Rise – Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Bruce Wayne, Howard Stark ! Trust these name have something to do with this point, I haven’t written these name just because I am one of those fans. Remember how Tony Stark worked in his lab? Engineering works, interior designing, furniture, paint, decoration, fencing, mirror work might experience some better quality DIY website and 3D views. Particularly talking about DIY industry then that would be on rise now.

6. Monitoring Apps – Ok, you are done with buying and exploring online. But don’t forget there are bosses in certain companies who want to track down all their employees all the time. This means there would be some ideas development towards monitoring applications so that those bosses can feel that they have kept the sword hanging on their employees head.

7. E-meet and E-learning – We understand E-learning applications are already there in the industry. But how many options do we have for professional E-meet? There are a lot of solutions for E-meet too (I was just kidding earlier) but they would start getting popularity now and more such concept would follow them.

8. Privacy will Lose to Safety – Everyone is now concerned about their safety. In India, people are ready to share their geographical location all the time over the government application (Arogya Setu) as they are concerned about their safety. And we will have more of those platforms where we will compromise our privacy and share data to the application for our safety.

9. Medical Industry and AI – This is the biggest thing which will take place all over the world. Now as we have understood the level of danger around the world all the time, world is pretty sure that only human can not be trusted/sufficient all the time. So there would be introduction of Artificial Intelligence in Medical industry so such threats can be identified at very initial stage and can be taken care of before becoming a global pandemic.

10. Small Robos – Well, I.T. is just not limited to developing sites, building applications and marketing them online. It is much more. Robotics would also see its rise over coming few years and we might see introduction of robotics and AI in general day to day life (We already have a bit of it but some magnificent changes are on their way).

11. Major Change in Travel Industry – Travel is one of the highly affected industry due to Covid-19 and it definitely requires major changes. Tourism is one of the main earning source of many countries and definitely, it requires many changes. But I don’t have any solution for this, let the world think about it. Anyhow, I was seeing world with Google Earth from long time so nothing changed for me. My passport would be used to play small games on paper with my kids.

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I hope you liked the view, isn’t it amazing? Its just that you want be able to take selfies or post a story on Instagram about it. Now you see name of Tony stark was still meaningful, this point was just for nothing.

There are so much more if we go on the basis of industry and I would try to share the same in coming articles. Till then let me know your view on this one !

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