9 Best Frameworks of PHP to Build Classy Websites

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PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is one of the best and safest programming languages that mankind has developed to date. This language keeps your website protected from injects of SQL&XSS attacks that hackers shoot every day to get access. A PHP developed website has less number of errors and works faster than others. Clear coding facilitates smooth functioning. Websites developed over PHP have the tendency to withstand high-level themes which is why most eCommerce websites acknowledge a lot of visitors each day doing their thing on the website use PHP development to ensure smooth conduct of operations. 
PHP also has its frameworks. Let us take you through 9 of them-:

1. Laravel

Laravel is one of the most known frameworks in the world. Thanks to its easy authentication and individual composer packages, the users find it easy to install and maintain.  Laravel also facilitates good routing and migration support as well. Thanks to its blade tempting engine, it makes your website application work much faster. Launched on February 22, 2012, this framework is relatively new but, are winning the hearts of many because of the speed and features it adds to your website or application. Use Laravel, if you want to make more changes and increase the speed of your website. 

2. Yii

Yii is yet another framework that is highly flexible to changes and accommodations. This framework is built on a new PHP framework and have a new OOP system inside it. It comes with various tools that can help your web application run faster and better as you can always add extensions to it and add whatever is needed. Yii is not fully developed in PHP but, is integrated with a big name in the framework known as CodeCeption. CodeCeption helps to make your website and application at a much higher pace than normal. 

3. Phalcom
For those of you who do not know Phalcom is the fastest bird alive and inspired by that this framework was developed. Just like the bird, the framework also thrives on speed. There has been a lot of testing that this framework has gone through and fortunately, it has come out on top every time. According to the system architects, Phalcom uses the lowest amount of memory and has the fastest speed of request. To serve the speed purpose, the developers developed this framework purely in C and C++ so that it can work at the desired speed. 

4. Zend Framework
When we are talking about Zend we are talking about the all-in-one pack. Zend has been recently updated with new features that serve all kinds of organizational purposes. It works with the Object-Oriented Programming system which facilitates the extension of custom classes. The best part about Zend is that you can use whatever you want from it because it has consistency in design patterns.In its 1st version, not much was there to be happy about but, in version 2 they have come up terms with the requirements of enterprises and organizations. Use Zend framework, if you have an organizational website to manage. 

5. Cake PHP 
Let us talk about 2019, if you want the best on offer for this year, look no further than Cake PHP. It has an in-built template system where you are being served with everything in hand. To interact with your database Cake PHP provides the integrated system of CRUD (create, read, update and delete). You can easily do anything you like without going deep into the coding part. Moreover, it can handle cookies, requests, sessions, security, and email to you without you having to do everything separately. What more do you want from a framework?

6. CodeIgniter
One of the most used PHP frameworks across the world is CodeIgniter. The best part about it is free and does not require any signups and hefty installation processes. CodeIgniter facilitates minimum error and handles it effortlessly. Also, if you are using it for your website it won’t cause any conflict on the levels of coding in PHP. Just because it is free does not mean it is open to hackers and such people who are looking to penetrate the restricted lines. It is secure and sound and encryption steps are easy. To win the trust furthermore, they come up with informative help guides and libraries. 

7. Symfony 
Symfony is a flexible framework designed to make the user’s coding work much easier. It also reduces the amount of coding you need to maintain a faster speed for your application. It is loaded with features for your application like Templates, translators, validators, form configuration and security. The main aim of Symfony is to give a faster and more reliable experience to the user where they do not have to code and make a lot of changes to their application. Using Symfony means using a more reliable way of maintaining and boosting your application. 

8. Fat-Free
People who are looking to have a lightweight framework for their PHP site, they must use Fat-Free. It is just about 50KB in size and supports all kinds of plugins and large databases namely Flat File, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, DB2, SQLLite, Sybase, MSSQL and MySQL. The main features of this framework are multilingual application support, cache engine &URL Router. Moreover, Fat Free is fully developed in PHP language so it does not fit it hard to accommodate itself on your website. 

9. Flight
If you have just learned about development and its tools, the first framework you should learn to master is flight, It is a microframework with macro features. Although, it is not much suitable for big websites and for users who run high-level web applications but, it can be extremely effective in maintaining peed, providing root support, handling the errors and sending requests. It is recommended for small or medium size website projects. 

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